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Scranton Drunk Driving Defense: Your First Offense

A first-time drunk driving arrest is an upsetting ordeal. Our experienced Scranton drunk driving defense lawyers are here to help you navigate the system, defend your rights, and work for the most favorable outcome in your particular circumstances. Historically, a first-time drunk driving offense had generally been viewed as something of an honest mistake. While...

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Minimum Mandatory Sentencing Back for Non-Violent Federal Drug Offenders

Just as Pennsylvania legislators weigh reinstatement of mandatory minimum sentences for certain drug offenses, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered prosecutors to pursue the "most serious" provable offense in federal drug cases. Sessions' directive was a sharp turnaround from the policy set by his predecessor Eric Holder, who asked that prosecutors avoid filing charges that imposed mandatory...

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Fighting a DUI Charge Involving Benzodiazepines

Recently, a 52-year-old Pennsylvania man was charged with murder for his alleged role in the motor vehicle death of a 22-year-old college student and star soccer player just days before Christmas.  Authorities reported to the that defendant was under the influence of numerous drugs, including heroin, cocaine and benzodiazepines at the time of the...

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