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Unfair Sentencing Algorithms in Pennsylvania

A new study reports criminal sentencing algorithms that may have have nothing to do with one's risk of recidivism are being considered in sentencing guidelines in courts nationally. ProPublica analyzed these so-called "risk assessments" involving use of a program called COMPAS and discovered some 7,000 people arrested in one Florida county in 2013 and 2014...

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Scranton Criminal Defense Watch: Body Cameras Impact your Case

Government Technology recently reported the growing impact of body camera videos on the prosecution and defense of criminal cases nationwide. Criminal defense lawyers in Scranton and throughout Pennsylvania continue to follow the impact of technology on criminal cases. Video cameras, cell phone cameras, traffic cameras, and even social media posts to platforms like Facebook or Instagram,...

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How Scranton Defendants Could Be Affected By Proposed Pennsylvania Law Banning Life Sentences Without Parole

A Pennsylvania state senator has introduced a radical bill to the state legislature. If passed, the bill would ban life sentences without the possibility of parole. The law would make Pennsylvania a pioneer in the area of defendants' rights across the nation. This is an important designation in a country in which, according to The...

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Scranton Drivers Must Protect Their Legal Rights at Various Checkpoints

Sobriety checkpoints are a common sight throughout Pennsylvania. But impaired or not, a driver at a Pennsylvania DUI checkpoint can make incriminating statements or provide officers with other evidence which can be used to prosecute him or her. Officers use many other tools at checkpoints, which may result in an impairment of drivers’ constitutional rights....

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Harsh Changes in Federal Drug Law Enforcement Policy Will Affect Scranton Defendants

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has a reputation for singling out drug cases for harsh prosecution. Now, he has directed federal prosecutors to carry out this policy and seek harsh penalties in drug cases across the country. This move can have detrimental consequences for defendants who are charged with drug-related crimes. Now, more than ever, it...

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How Scranton Taxpayers Can Protect Themselves During an IRS Investigation

For Pennsylvania individual taxpayers and businesses alike, January is a time of important preparation for filing tax returns. If these preparations are not done properly and in compliance with the law, a taxpayer can face fines for underpayment or late filings. Severe violations can even result in criminal charges for tax evasion. With effective preparation...

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Scranton Drivers at Risk of Impaired Driving Over Thanksgiving Holiday

For many Scranton residents, the holiday season brings opportunities to celebrate with friends and family. The festive holiday season also brings many opportunities to drink. Because of this, law enforcement agencies across the country enhance their DUI enforcement efforts during the holiday season with public awareness campaigns, checkpoints, and other enforcement strategies. DUI suspects and defendants...

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