DUI Arrests on the Rise in PA

August 12, 2016

DUI Arrests on the Rise in PA

Drunk driving arrests are on the rise in the state of Pennsylvania. Lancaster Online reported recently on the increasing number of motorists who are arrested in the state for impaired driving. The police just announced their arrest data from 2015, which shows there were 18,801 people arrested for driving under the influence over the course of last year. This is a 6.2 percent rise in the number of impaired driving arrests just in a one year period of time.

The increase in arrests has been driven, in part, by stepped up enforcement efforts to crack down on drunk drivers. More law enforcement officers have received more training on impaired driving, including both drugged and drunk driving.

The result of this advanced training is that police are better able to spot people who may be drunk or on drugs. This increased enforcement can lead to many people facing a first offense DUI charge, which can change their life.

More Drunk Drivers Arrested in PA in 2015

The big increase in people arrested for impaired driving is not just occurring because there are more people getting caught drunk. Drugged driving is increasingly becoming an issue within the state of Pennsylvania.  According to the police arrest data from 2015, a total of 4,431 arrests in 2015 were for drugged driving, rather than driving under the influence of alcohol. This is a 43 percent rise in cases of drugged driving as compared within 2014.  Changing cultural attitudes towards drugs like marijuana may be a partial contributing factor to more people being impaired by drugs while driving in PA.

This data on arrest figures come only from the state. Local municipal police forces also conduct drunk driving patrols and can arrest motorists who are driving under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. This means total arrests statewide are actually much higher.

In addition to the arrests, police also indicate they investigated 4,492 DUI-related collisions over the course of 2015. An arrest in connection with a drunk driving collision can be a lot more serious than a first offense DUI arrest without anyone getting hurt or any property damage occurring.

The rise in the number of arrests may be driven, in part, by that better training has been offered to law enforcement officers. More than 600 state troopers were given advanced training last year on DUI enforcement. These troopers are now better able to spot potential problems. A spokesperson for the state police commented that the training, as well as the increasing awareness of the signs of drugged driving, have helped to contribute to the increase in the number of arrests.

Motorists need to be aware of more police on the road and of the increased likelihood of an arrest for impaired driving. If you are accused of being behind the wheel while you are intoxicated, you need to defend yourself against the serious charges that you face. A drunk driving defense lawyer can help you to respond with the goal of fighting for the best outcomes possible after allegations of wrongdoing are made.

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