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Steps to Take If Arrested for DUI

Straightforward advice from a Scranton DUI arrest attorney you can trust.

If you have been pulled over by the police under suspicion of drunk driving, we strongly recommend taking the following steps:

  • Remain calm – Police officers can interpret nervousness as a sign you are hiding something or are intoxicated. Remaining calm is a good way to ensure that police officers do not question your sobriety.
  • Always have a clean center console or glove box – Fumbling through these compartments to find your registration or insurance card can be misinterpreted as intoxication. Keeping things in order allows you to hand over your identification quickly.
  • Do not consent to a search of the car – Any evidence found in your car could be used to support a DUI conviction.
  • Take the test – Pennsylvania has an implied consent law, which means refusing to take a breathalyzer test can result in penalties such as license revocation.
  • Contact us immediately.

“What should I do if I’m arrested for drunk driving in Pennsylvania?”

If you are arrested and charged with DUI in Pennsylvania, we strongly advise you to take the following steps:

  • Remain silent – Anything you say can be used again you in a court of law. Don’t say something that could incriminate you. You have a right to remain silent.
  • Be polite – If the arresting officer does ask you questions, politely decline to answer them until you have spoken with an attorney.
  • Contact our law firm – We can speak on your behalf and handle all the necessary paperwork. We know how to clear the legal hurdles that stand in your way for justice.

“Will I automatically lose my driver’s license if I’m arrested for DUI?”

Perhaps. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is in charge of license suspensions and will revoke your driving privileges if you refuse to take a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) test. Your license also may be suspended if you take the test and your BAC is over 0.10 percent or if it’s your second or subsequent DUI offense.

Penalties often vary significantly from one DUI arrest to another. That’s because the circumstances surrounding each arrest are unique. It’s also important to note that you often have a limited amount of time to challenge your driver’s license suspension.

In most cases, you must file an appeal with the state soon after your license has been suspended. It’s better to appeal your license suspension sooner than later. In certain circumstances, drivers are granted permission to drive to and from work.

“How can Mazzoni Karam Petorak & Valvano help me with my case?” – Drunk Driving Attorneys

DUI convictions can have serious consequences. Whether it’s losing your driver’s license, being fined thousands of dollars or jailed for several days or months, it’s important that you take your DUI arrest seriously right from the start.

We can challenge your arrest and the evidence being used against you. The arresting officer may have administered the breathalyzer improperly. Authorities may have not stored your DUI blood sample correctly. Whatever the reason, we know exactly how to conduct a comprehensive investigation on our clients’ behalf to build a compelling legal case.

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