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When we win a case for someone in Northeastern Pennsylvania, we’re proud our verdicts & settlements. That’s because we know that the work we do often means that someone has not been sentenced to jail or has been fairly compensated for an accident. In most cases, our work involves providing people with a new opportunity, a fresh start.

That’s why we’re honored when our clients take the time to personally thank us. It’s more than just business for us. It’s personal. Many of us at Mazzoni Karam Petorak & Valvano were born and raised here. We know the area and share your values. And in many cases, many of our clients are undoubtedly your neighbors, co-workers or friends.

We work hard every single day to earn the respect of people you respect in Scranton and throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania. We’re eager to do the same for you. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation. Call (570) 348-0776.

“How can an attorney help me with my legal case?”

We hear this question a lot from people considering hiring a lawyer. In some cases, people believe they can handle their legal issues on their own. Perhaps it’s because the charges or accident might seem minor. Or maybe they have been offered a plea deal or a settlement.

We understand and respect your desire to handle your legal issue on your own. That’s because we share your work ethic. We don’t shy away from complicated legal cases. We thrive on them. And we also know that the vast majority of legal cases turn out to be far more complicated than many people first suspected.

But don’t take our word for it. Read our testimonials. Read what your friends and neighbors have to say about us. Then schedule an appointment with us. Our office is conveniently located in downtown Scranton near the corner of Spruce and Wyoming Avenue.

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Testimonials for Mazzoni Karam Petorak & Valvano law firm of Scranton, Pa.

Dear Jerry,

I have attempted to write this letter many times in the last few weeks and the result never seems to adequately convey my thoughts and feelings.

It seems there are no words in my vocabulary to properly express the depth of my gratitude to you. Really, how do you thank a person for saving your life?

Not only have you provided me with excellent legal representation and counsel … Jerry, never once in the entire process did you make me feel like a lesser human being for the mistakes I have made. You continually kept me focused on telling the truth cooperating, righting the wrong and gave me the strength to endure it all. You advices and counseled me to let go of all the negative feelings toward the others that played a part in this terrible ordeal. You were able to understand the various and sometimes complex concepts and issues involved. You were able to grasp the details of a story that would surely make a great novel filled with twisted relationships and characters that would rival those in any best seller.

You fought for me from your heart and I know that is what made the difference in the end.

You are an extremely kind and humble man and I hope all the people in your life know what a truly special person you are. I know even as you read this you are thinking that credit goes to the judge for the very fair result and not yourself. I do thank that man each and every day for the decision he made in my regard, he is a fair and good man who took the time to look beyond the specific acts. He was able to see the entire picture and the character of the people involved and I believe that was entirely because of you.

Your genuine concern … is something that I will never forget and I hope you know that you changed his life (in a positive way) forever.

Your comforting words and every good advice continue to console and guide me each day.

I know you spent many hours researching, contemplating and seeking advice of others to prepare the best defense for me. I also know my case has caused you more than a few sleepless nights.

Please know that if there is ever anything I can do to help you or your family I would. You are a tremendous man and I have the greatest respect and regard for your abilities, strength and spirit. You are a true champion in my book and I will be forever grateful for you help.

Dear Mr. Karam,

There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to express my thanks to you for what you did for me.

Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your efforts.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Wishing you health and happiness, and God Bless you and your family.

Dear Mr. Karam (Jerry),

It would be a tall order indeed for me to begin to thank you appropriately for the professional skill you applied in clearing me of my yearlong charges, and for the personal strength and confidence you gave me when I was, frankly, experiencing moments of weakness.

You have an inner warmth and personality and encouraging uplifting smile that would prompt anyone to look for the silver lining. But I was both grateful and amazed that your belief in your own abilities was able to make me, often, a cryptic cynic, simply believe in you and trust that you would help me.

And help me you most certainly did! I cannot thank you enough for the superlative way in which saved me from additional problems!

Warm regards.


Thank you very much for your help with Mrs. (name withheld) and her son. It is greatly appreciated.

You are and always have been a class young man who always was willing to help other people. If ever I can do something for you, please let me know.

I hope you and your family are fine, and again, thank you very much. You are a terrific human being.

December 2011

Dear Jerry,

At this special time of the year we remember people who made a difference in our lives or in loved one’s lives, so therefore you are right up there on our list!

Life would be far different, I feel, if Frank hadn’t recommended you as the best attorney for his case.

Last week while packing to go to Florida next week, I came across a box of “junk” – you know, newspaper clippings, recipes, interesting articles – and mixed in there was the page that contained the newspaper story about (name withheld). I don’t know why I had put it in there but looking at the picture took my breath away.

I thought about the life (name withheld) was living then and doing a pretty good job of concealing it from us. Happily, he is employed by his mentor from A.A. … The wonderful (name withheld) family took (him) under their wings and he is an asset to the store. They love him. (He) also is asked to speak at some of the A.A. meetings and is only too happy to do it. All of this could never have happened without your guidance and kindness. So, Jerry, we wish you and your family the best of holidays and all of the love, happiness and good health your heart can hold in the New Year 2012!

Dear Atty. Karam,

With sincere appreciation for your thoughtfulness.

Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and support me. It really does mean a lot and I really appreciate all that you did. Thanks again for going out of your way to help me!

Dear Jerry,

I can’t tell you how much … I appreciate your helping (name withheld) out. It meant so much to us having peace of mind while we had to be away that you were in our corner.


Thank you so much for all of your help with (name withheld). You provided us with much needed guidance and support in a difficult time. We hope that this has been a life lesson for (name withheld) that is not soon forgotten!


Just a sincere thank you for your expert and professional handling of my DUI case! I would certainly recommend you to represent anyone in a similar unfortunate situation.

Glad it’s all behind me now! I really appreciate it!!

Respectfully yours.

Dear Mr. Karam,

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to provide me with advice and guidance. I really appreciate everything you did for me.

Hope this card finds you and your family well with summer around the corner. I am sure we will be running into each other soon. It is hard to believe (name withheld) are halfway finished with college.

Thanks again.



Your advice and compassion mean so much to us in this difficult time. We can’t thank you enough. We will always be grateful.



(We) can’t thank you enough for all your help with the recent refinance. You are always there for us and a great friend as well as a spectacular counselor adviser.

Hope you have happy and peaceful holidays and 2013.

Thanks again.

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