What’s the Most Common White Collar Crime?

February 4, 2020

What’s the Most Common White Collar Crime?

Unlike other criminal offenses, white-collar crimes are not contained in one centralized dataset, which can make tracking these crimes difficult. However, it’s important to know that these crimes happen. To gain a better perception of the frequency and rate of white-collar crimes in the United States, we’ve gathered information from the Uniform Crime Reporting Program and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to determine what are the most common white-collar crimes. 

The Data

In a study by the Oxford University Press, researchers were able to gather information on common white-collar crimes from the Uniform Crime Reports. 

crime table

The Uniform Crime Report findings show that over nine years,  white-collar crimes had decreased, with fraud being the most common arrest.

IRS 2019 Data

tax crime table

According to the IRS 2019 data pull, more tax crimes were initiated, however, money laundering crimes resulted in more convictions.

The Most Common White Collar Crime?

This is a difficult question with an even more riddled answer. It depends on where you collect your data and how that information is grouped. 

According to the FBI, many cases involve corporate fraud such as the falsification of financial information, insider trading, and Ponzi schemes. With that being said, it can be argued that fraud including embezzlement is the most common type of white-collar crime. But remember, fraud and embezzlement are different. 

Fraud typically involves allegations of intentionally trying to deceive another individual for financial gain. However, embezzlement charges are pressed when someone is accused of taking money from an employer, another individual or an organization from where that person is the employee who handles financial matters and information. 

Because the two are so closely related, some sources will group them.

Know the Penalties for White-Collar Crime.

While you may think white-collar crimes are victimless, the reality is not so. However, these crimes are often difficult to detect right away, which also makes sentencing a problem in the legal system.

In many cases, the monetary value will determine the punishment. Significant fines, jail time and loss of professional license are all possible penalties. Because the sentencing varies, you’ll need the representation of a trusted criminal defense attorney who has been through the process to make sure your sentence is justifiable and fair.

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