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Corporate criminal charges and corporate crimes can cover a wide range. From charges against a corporation to criminal charges filed against an individual employee, such charges can have serious consequences. With so much at stake, it’s wise to contact an experienced attorney if you have been charged or are under investigation in Pennsylvania.

At Mazzoni Karam Petorak & Valvano, our experienced Scranton white collar crime lawyers can work with you and make sure your rights are protected. Just because your company might have an attorney involved with the investigation does not mean that lawyer is looking out for your best interests. When you hire us, we work solely for you.

Don’t underestimate the complexity of the investigation. The state and federal laws pursuant to such cases are complicated. In many cases, there’s a fine line between what’s legal and against the law. We can help protect your rights. We’re familiar with the legal intricacies involved in corporate investigations.

What are common corporate investigations and corporate crimes in Pennsylvania?

Many different criminal charges can be classified as corporate crimes. What separates these charges from other white collar cases? Corporate investigations often involve criminal charges on a company-wide basis. Instead of one person being investigated, a group of employees or an entire company might be under investigation for alleged criminal violations.

Some of the most common corporate investigations we deal with at our law firm often involve:

What are the penalties for a corporate criminal violation?

The penalties can vary widely from one charge to another. Often, in corporate criminal cases, the penalties depend on the amount of money involved in such investigations. In particular, the larger the amount of money involved, the higher the fines.

Prison time is also a real possibility for many corporate crimes. If you are found guilty and convicted, you could be sentenced to several years in prison. Because many corporate crimes involve violations of federal law, you would serve your time in a federal prison, which could be far from your home and family.

Once you are released from prison, you might also not be able to work in the same profession again. In many cases you might lose your license or your ability to work in the same field due to a criminal conviction.

“Why hire a corporate investigation lawyer in Scranton?”

If you hire us, you can count on us to thoroughly investigate the charges or allegations involving you. Our attorneys have years of experience involving business law as well as many serious criminal violations often filed against business professionals. We may be able to find problems with the evidence authorities have against you or your company.

If you’ve been asked to participate in an investigation, you may be at risk of criminal prosecution. It’s wise to have an attorney at your side if you decide to talk to investigators, even if you have done nothing wrong.

A corporate investigation attorney with our firm can help assess your risks, rights and options. Contact us today: (570) 348-0776.

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