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Northeastern Pennsylvania Sex Crimes Lawyer

A Scranton, Pa. attorney representing people charged with rape, sexual assault and other serious criminal charges.

If you are convicted of a sexual offense in Pennsylvania, you might not only be sentenced to several months or years in jail – you could lose your job and be fined thousands of dollars. Just as importantly, even an accusation can permanently tarnish your reputation in Scranton, Clarks Summit, or wherever you live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We understand the seriousness of such charges. If you’ve been accused or charged with rape, an internet sex crime, child pornography or some other sexual offense, you will need experienced Scranton sex crimes lawyers in your corner. We work discreetly with our clients. We thoroughly know the laws governing such crimes, and we truly want to help.

Located in Scranton and proudly serving the public since 1962, Mazzoni Karam Petorak & Valvano is a law firm with a reputation for successfully resolving complicated criminal cases. Read client testimonials from satisfied clients we have recently helped. We’re proud of those letters because we’re honored to help people in our community.

What are the different types of sex crime cases in Pennsylvania?

Sex offenses can cover a wide range. Some of the most common sex crime cases we handle at our law firm include:

Whatever crime you have been charged with, whatever the circumstances of your case, make sure you contact our law firm today. The sooner we can start working with you, the stronger your case will likely be.

“Why do I need a lawyer if I’m charged with a sex offense in Pennsylvania?”

Even if you didn’t do anything wrong or your charge seems minor, the consequences of a criminal conviction can be catastrophic, especially if you are convicted of crime of a sexual nature in Pennsylvania. Depending on which charge you are convicted, you might have to register as a sex offender in Pennsylvania. Your name, address, photo and crime you were convicted of might then be public information available on Megan’s Law website maintained by the Pennsylvania State Police. You may have heard from others who think your case is hopeless. You may feel you’ve been convicted by the news media. We want you to know you have options when the stakes are high, so you can rely on our sex crimes lawyers to protect your rights and begin building a defense.

“How can Mazzoni Karam Petorak & Valvano law firm of Scranton help me?”

Complicated criminal charges like rape and possession of child pornography often depend on the evidence in such cases. We have decades of experience gathering and analyzing evidence. We know what facts to look for and how to transform that information into a strong legal case. At the same time, law enforcement will gather evidence against you. Police and prosecutors may try to get you to believe the evidence against you is overwhelming. What many people charged with sex crimes don’t realize is that police and prosecutors make mistakes every day.  They sometimes conduct illegal searches. They sometimes rely on evidence based on hearsay.

We look carefully at the evidence collected by law enforcement. In many cases, we show the court that the flawed evidence cannot be used against our clients. Our law firm and experienced sex crimes lawyers include several highly experienced attorneys in Northeastern Pennsylvania. From a former two-term District Attorney to a former Chief Public Defender in Lackawanna Country, the lawyers at Mazzoni Karam Petorak & Valvano thoroughly understand the law and how the legal system works here.

Rape or Sexual Assault

If you have been charged with rape or sexual assault in Pennsylvania, you will likely be subjected to an intense investigation by police and other law enforcement officials. Allegations of rape or sexual assault can have serious consequences.

If you are convicted of rape or sexual assault, you will likely be sentenced to prison for several months or years, depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest. The laws are constantly changing, which is why it’s critical to contact our law firm as soon as you are charged or you believe you are under investigation.

We represent clients who are facing a range of rape charges. These are serious charges that refer to a defendant’s forcing or threatening force to have sexual intercourse with another person. A person may be accused of raping or sexually assaulting another adult, but Pennsylvania has separate charges for rape of a child.

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Internet Sex Crimes

Solicitation of sex and solicitation of a minor are among the most serious internet sex crimes we deal with at our Scranton law firm. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigates most internet sex crimes, which are often classified as federal crimes.

If you have been charged with a federal internet sex crime, contact our law firm immediately. A conviction for such a charge could result in a prison sentence of several months or years. And once released from prison, you might even be required to register as a sex offender.

An attorney can carefully review the charges filed against you. These charges may consist of child pornography, distribution of pornography using a computer, displaying pornography on the computer or internet or luring a child. If you hire us, we can examine the evidence against you and look for mistakes made by police and prosecutors. We will explain all your legal options. That way, you can make an informed decision about how you want us to proceed on your behalf. We’re in your corner and fighting for your rights.

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Child Pornography

Child pornography charges can have serious consequences. Most child pornography is distributed and accessed through the internet, often from people in other states or countries. As a result, the FBI investigates most child pornography charges for violating federal laws.

If you are convicted of a child pornography charge, you will likely serve time, perhaps several years, in a federal prison. Internet sex crimes often involve child pornography. Criminal charges often associated with child pornography include:

  • Possession of child pornography
  • Receiving child pornography
  • Distribution of child pornography
  • Creation of child pornography
  • Soliciting a minor for sex

We know there are several defenses in sex crime cases, from entrapment by police to someone else using your computer without your knowledge or permission. In cases where a client admits to accessing child pornography on the internet, we may be able to minimize the impact of the charges by seeking treatment for an addiction or psychological disorder. Contact our sex crimes lawyers now to represent you.

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